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  • Functional

    This is GetABrace.com’s select functional knee brace section with reliable men’s and women’s braces from the leading brands in the industry including Breg, Bledsoe, Ossur and more.  We carry many varieties of the Breg X2K and Fusion XT models as well as the Bledsoe Z12 and Axiom models.  Whether you’re pre-surgery or rehabbing, these braces will help you move and make a speedier recovery.
  • O.A. (Osteoarthritis)

    Welcome to GetABrace.com’s inventory of medial, lateral and patellofemoral osteoarthritis knee braces for both men and women from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry: Bauerfeind, Breg, Bledsoe, Ossur and more.  Our online store stocks a variety of different models including the Bledsoe Z12, the Breg Solus, the Ossur Unloader, and many more.  These braces are perfect for aging knees beginning to feel the stiffness and pain of Osteoarthritis.
  • Patellofemoral - Hinged Knee

    GetABrace.com’s offers a quality selection of patellofemoral and hinged knee braces.  We continue to stock the most reliable models from the industry-leading brands including Corflex, Bauerfeind, Breg, Bledsoe, Ossur and more.  Our most popular models include the Bledsoe 20.50, the Bledsoe Crossover Pull-on, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain and the Breg Roadrunner.  These braces provide support behind the kneecap to serve a variety of medical and rehabilitation purposes.  
  • Post Operative

    GetABrace.com has a quality selection of men’s and women’s post operative knee braces for anyone who has injured their knee and has surgery performed on it.  Our staff is incredibly discerning and stock braces from only the leading manufacturers in the industry including Bledsoe, Breg, Ossur and more.  Our most popular customer models are the Bledsoe Extender, the Breg T Scope, and the Ossur Innovator DLX.  Of all our knee braces, these have the most material and provide greatest degree of restricted movement and support.  

  • Soft - Elastic

    GetABrace.com carries a wide assortment of quality men’s and women’s soft elastic knee braces for assisted movement and protection.  Our team stocks only elastic knee braces manufactured by the leading brands in the industry: Corflex, Bauerfeind, Bledsoe, Breg, Ossur and more.  Our most popular braces in this category include the Bledsoe Crossover Pull-on, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain, the Breg Roadrunner and the Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Knee Splint.  

Knee Bracing for Post Op, Patellofemoral, Soft and More!

There are many different injuries that can occur to your knees and we at getabrace have knee braces to cover them all.  Whether you where your brace to prevent a patellofemoral injury or are recovering and need a post op knee brace we have a brace to keep you moving.  We proudly carry industry leading brands such as, Breg, Bledsoe, Ossur, Corflex and many more. If you are not able to locate the O.A. brace, soft knee brace or functional knee brace that you need for your recovery please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff.  We can be reached by calling 800.638.1205 or by email at info@getabrace.com.  We are happy to assist you with any questions you might have about your what knee brace is proper for your injury or surgery.