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Breg Achilles Walking Boot
Breg Achilles Walking Boot
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Achilles Walking Boot

Injuries to the Achilles Tendon often require periods of rehabilitation in a supportive boot. The Bledsoe Achilles Walking Boot is preferred by medical professionals thanks to its unique group of 10-degree interlocking heel wedges that are incorporated into the insole of the boot. These wedges offer full support and encourage a progressive recovery. Recovery of the Achilles tendon after conservative treatment or surgical repair requires a flexed plantar position to take off the tension. The four-wedge system allows the physician to put the patient into a walking boot with up to 40 degrees of plantar flexion into the ankle. This offers greater flexibility and helps to stretch the tendon slowly as rehab progresses. As the Achilles tendon heals, the wedges in the boot's insole are removed gradually one by one to return the foot to its normal 90-degree angle position. The upper portion of each Bledsoe Achilles boot is capable of formation to the anatomy of the patient and provides complete support. An Achilles walking boot is intended for those who have suffered injury to the tendon or those who have had surgical reconstruction. The boot can also be used for those who suffer from Sever's Disease. It is not for the treatment of tibial or fibular fractures.

Wedge Achilles Walking Boot Features:

  • An aluminum boot shell and upright system that offers greater flexibility and conforms to the anatomy of each wearer
  • A unique interlocking system of four urethane 10° wedges that offer progressive adjustment as healing occurs
  • Enhanced support of the ankle with triple-layered padding that conforms to the ankle shape
  • A rocker design which mimics the normal gait and reduces pressure on the joints
  • Pneumatic ankle support is available with optional air pad for the heel and ankle
  • Call to order one of the two additional versions, including Lo-Top and a PTB (patella tendon bearing) version.

Achilles Walking Boot Indications and Contraindications

  • The Bledsoe Achilles walking boot is indicated for immediate application following injury to or reconstruction of the Achilles tendon.
  • This device is contraindicated for unstable fractures and proximal tibial or fibular fractures.

Achilles Walking Boot Size Chart

Shoe Size Leg Measurement Achilles Boot
Men Women Euro Length Size Part Number
2.5-5.5 3.5-6 33-37 11"-13" (28-33 cm) S AL?36013
5.5-9 6-9.5 37-41 13"-15" (33-38 cm) M AL?36015
9-12.5 9.5-13 41-46 15"-17" (38-43 cm) L AL?36017
12.5-17 13+ 46-49+ 17"-19" (43-48 cm) XL AL?36019

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