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Breg Functional Knee Braces for Sports

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Breg Axiom D Breg Axiom D
Our Price: $537.00
Breg  X2K Knee Brace Breg X2K Knee Brace
Our Price: $525.00
Breg LPR Knee Brace Breg LPR Knee Brace
Our Price: $499.00
Breg Fusion XT with AirTech Breg Fusion XT with AirTech
Our Price: $499.00

Breg Axiom Breg Axiom
Our Price: $480.00
Breg Fusion ACL Knee Brace Breg Fusion Knee Brace
Our Price: $477.00

Breg Z12 Breg Z12
Our Price: $475.00

Breg Z13 Breg Z13
Our Price: $389.00

Patella Guard Kit Patella Guard Kit
Our Price: $75.00

Functional knee braces by Breg are useful for athletes who need a form of knee support that will not compromise performance. These functional braces for knees can also serve patients who do not wish to compromise their active lifestyle. A knee injury doesn't have to put you on the sidelines. Breg has many options that will get you back in the game.

The main purpose of these hinged knee braces for sports participants and active patients is to provide both support and mobility. Breg knee braces feature adjustable hinges for a comfortable fit, and they are also made from durable yet pliant materials. There are knee braces for football running backs and linemen, such as the Breg NZONE, which does a superior job of absorbing energy from impact. Knee braces for sports after ACL surgery include the Breg Z12 Knee Brace. It features a magnesium frame that is very light and will not impede performance.

The benefits of a Breg knee brace are numerous. They include a lightweight frame, adjustable hinges for more mobility and quick-release buckles that make application and removal very easy. The best benefit, however, is the peace of mind that comes from choosing this trusted brand.