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We've all been told at some point to ice and elevate an injury in order to recover. Usually, that includes a frozen bag of peas from the freezer wrapped in a towel that becomes a lukewarm soggy mess after 20 minutes. Cryotherapy machines are the modern injury icing solution. Also known as cold therapy systems or therapeutic ice machines, these machines effectively reduce pain and swelling from injury, arthritis, hip or knee replacements and general body soreness. These machines work by supplying a steady flow of cool temperature to the injury site through a cold therapy unit. You can buy specific cold therapy units for your knees, shoulders, ankles, etc., so that they form perfectly to your body. We have cold therapy systems that also include heating and compression elements for a more involved treatment. At GetABrace.com, we only carry brands we trust so you can be confident you are buying a quality product. We also have a price-match guarantee so you always get the best price. Can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email at sales@getabrace.com, and we'll help you find a solution. We care about giving you the best cryotherapy machine shopping experience. Buy a cold therapy system today and get moving again faster.

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Replacement pads

Cold Therapy Unit Replacement Pads

Replacing the cold therapy pads on your cold therapy unit is essential to executing proper cryotherapy. A worn-out pad may not properly connect to or sync up to your Breg or DeRoyal unit, which essentially renders it useless. Our extensive selection of cold therapy pad replacements includes Breg Polar Care Cube knee, shoulder and hip pads, Breg Intelli-Flo knee and shoulder pads and DeRoyal cold therapy pads, among many others. Cryotherapy brings many benefits to muscle recovery and can treat injuries or prevent them from worsening. Make sure that you’re able to use your cryotherapy unit to its full potential by replacing your back, ankle, shoulder, knee and hip pads. Shop today to find shoulder and knee pads for Breg Polar Care Kodiak and many other cold therapy machines.

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Creams, Ice Wraps & Cold Therapy Units

GETABRACE.com offers a large inventory of cold therapy creams, ice wraps and cold therapy units. Cold therapy is an effective treatment option for the pain and swelling associated with surgery or an injury. Cold therapy is effective for several reasons. First of all cold temperatures reduce blood flow which in turn lessens swelling to the injured area. Secondly cold therapy slows the release of chemicals that causes pain and inflammation. Lastly, cold reduces pain by lowering the nerves ability to conduct pain signals. View our leading edge cold therapy systems to speed you along your path to full recovery.

In addition to offering a range of cold therapy systems we at GETABRACE.com offer ice wraps and cold compression wraps that come in standard or compression variations. Cold compression wraps offer cold therapy while keeping the injured area slightly immobile. Past variations of ice and cold wraps could cause cold tissue burns and needed to be replaced frequently to keep the area cooled. Our advanced gel ice therapy wraps have lessened the chance for tissue damage and last many time longer than the competitions old style versions.

In this category you will also find cold therapy creams, Creams are topical analgesics and are a great solution for minor soft tissue injuries like twisted ankles and sore joints. Biofreeze, topical cream blocks certain pain indicators to the spinal cord to provide maximum relief. Biofreeze accomplishes this with the safe and effective addition of menthol as its active ingredient.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and shop knowing you are getting the best price with GETABRACE'S extensive price match guarantee.