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Cold Compression Wraps, Cold Ice Packs & Wraps for Knees & More!

Cold Compression Wraps are used to add constant cooling temperature to a certain body part. This cooling effect draws heat away from the injured area thus producing pain relief. Cold compression wraps are the perfect solution for treating acute injured joints and recent surgical sites. Compression wraps help to keep the pain and swelling to a minimum and your recovery time short. Cold ice compression packs come in a variety of styles and joint specific designs. At Getabrace you choose either to have the compression wrap as a simple compress, or a continuous cooling system. Cold therapy is most effective in 15 -20 minutes cycles repeated every 2 or hours. The cold wraps we offer contain advanced gels inside the support wrap which are designed to not over freeze the applied area. You can use the ice packs on your joints worry free. We also keep our prices worry free with our extensive price match guarantee.