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Low Profile Walking & Post Op Boots

These low-profile walker boots from Bledsoe, Ossur and Ovation are used in treatment of soft tissue injuries, sprains, stable fractures, and in rehab from trauma or post-op use. Ovation offers an ultra-light, low profile model with a round sole for easy, instinctive maneuverability. It is made with or without the air-inflatable option and in both short and tall versions.

Bledsoe's Bunion Boot is a walker ideally adapted to the post-operative period following bunion corrective surgery. With recovery periods typically lasting up to two months, this boot protects the surgery site and allows the patient to be ambulatory immediately following treatment without the use of crutches. Ossur features walker boots either with or without air inflation for additional compression and stability. Specially designed soles support a stable and more natural walking gait. Enjoy shopping with our price match guarantee on all our high quality products.

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