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    You never realize how much you use your elbow until you injure it. The pain can feel insufferable without proper treatment. From stabilizers and immobilizers to elbow tendonitis braces and tennis elbow straps, we have everything you need to alleviate the pain and help support the recovery process. Our elbow braces cover a range of elbow injuries, including tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, dislocations, hyperextensions, chronic pain and more. Investing in an ulnar nerve brace is crucial for proper recovery, but you can also wear an elbow stabilizer as a precautionary measure if you regularly engage in activities that put strain on your elbow. We know that wearing a brace can be a nuisance, which is why we only carry braces that have high-quality design. Many of our elbow braces are lightweight, slim and adjustable for the best fit. For those recovering from a major injury, our hinged braces provide full elbow joint support with stops that manage elbow extension and flexion. At GetABrace.com we only carry trusted, proven brands so that you can shop with confidence. We also have a price-match guarantee, so you will always get the best price with us. Can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email at sales@getabrace.com, and we will help you find a solution. Don't let elbow pain slow you down anymore. Find a brace and get moving again.

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    Rotator cuff injuries can be extremely painful, whether they are caused by the effects of aging, acute injuries such as falls or continuous misuse such as sports or heavy lifting. Give your arm and shoulder the support and stability they need to properly heal with our line of shoulder injury supports. Our arm slings and shoulder support braces effectively limit your range of motion so that your muscles and tendons can heal in order to prevent shoulder dislocation and other serious injuries. Furthermore, our athletic shoulder braces help minimize discomfort by holding your arm and shoulder in the exact position they need to be in to allow your body to repair itself. We also stock a variety of arm and shoulder compression wraps to minimize pain throughout the entire healing process. Shop from our line of arm and shoulder braces today to lessen your pain and start your healing process today!

Medical braces are generally used to provide support to body parts during the treatment or rehabilitation of a variety of injuries and musculoskeletal system conditions. Medical bracing is also effective for relieving the symptoms of pain in patients suffering from chronic joint disorders and assisting movement and balance in patients with central nervous system diseases and peripheral neuropathy. Orthopedic braces and medical supports are not only used in curative medicine but also are becoming more popular in sports injury prevention, significantly decreasing potential post-injury costs. Here at Get-A-Brace, we offer a complete line of orthopedic braces and supports for a wide variety of knee, back, elbow, wrist, shoulder, hand, ankle, foot and arch disorders and conditions. Browse our website by category, or contact us directly to get help with selecting the right medical brace for your specific needs!