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Orthopedic Medical Walking Boots

Lightweight, breathable & adjustable, our medical walking boots are devised to provide you with the utmost comfort during your foot recovery process. Whether you are recovering from surgery, an achilles injury, calf muscle tear, ankle sprain or fracture, our specialized orthopedic walking boots are the best way to ensure an effective recovery. Featuring a cushioned insole that adapts to your specific foot shape using auto-mold technology, our walking casts alleviate pain by immobilizing your ankle so your foot can stabilize and improve mobility. We offer a wide variety of boots for broken foot & other ailments, such as our popular CROM walker boot and our Aircast boot, so you can find the right boot for your specific ailment. Great for broken bones, tendon injuries, severe sprains or shin splints, our boots work to alleviate pain, increase your comfort & improve your condition all day long. Easy to apply, use, remove & wash for daily wear, our boots are the best pain reliever for a variety of foot conditions. Place your order today to experience comfort as you’ve never felt before!

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