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Post Op Shoes & Boots

This lineup of post-op medical shoes features high-quality yet affordable footwear for protection of feet that have had surgery or been wounded or otherwise traumatized. The Darco Original Medsurg™ has long been considered the industry standard against which others are judged. Darco's Wound Care is specifically made for long-term care of foot ulcerations and wounds, providing maximum protection and weight off-loading to promote ease of walking for the wearer.

Darco and Corflex both offer footwear to fit over lower extremity casts, the former an open design shoe and the latter an enclosed boot that provides warmth, complete protection and water resistance. Bledsoe also features a post-operative shoe designed for comfort and protection after surgery or trauma. It is specially designed to accommodate large, bulky bandages and dressings. Enjoy shopping with our price match guarantee on all our high quality products.

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Darco Wound Care Shoe DARCO HeelWedge DARCO AP All Purpose Boot DARCO OrthoWedge
Darco Wound Care Shoe
Our Price: $129.00

DARCO HeelWedge
Our Price: $39.00
DARCO AP All Purpose Boot
Our Price: $36.99
DARCO OrthoWedge
Our Price: $36.00
Darco Original MedSurg™ Shoe DARCO MedSurg Shoe Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe DARCO PegAssis PTQ Insole System
DARCO MedSurg Shoe
Our Price: $26.00
DARCO PegAssis PQ Insole System Corflex Enclosed Toe Cast Boot Breg Post-Op Shoe
Breg Post-Op Shoe
Our Price: $25.00