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Townsend Knee Braces

Functional O.A. (Osteoarthritis)
Post Operative Soft - Elastic

Townsend Design has been continuously improving their line of knee braces based on patients' feedback, medical professional input and clinical study in the field of knee injury and disorder treatment. The line of innovative and ergonomic Townsend knee braces is a result of this focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. In our catalog, we offer various types of braces from this manufacturer including Townsend OA knee braces, ligament knee braces, post-operative braces and sport series braces.

Townsend ligament knee braces, including the popular Rebel series, are made with durable lightweight materials to assist post-injury and post-operational recovery as well as preventive support in high-risk injury sports and activities.

Townsend OA knee braces, including the Rebel Reliever series, are designed for patients with lateral or medial compartment osteoarthritis. They help to redistribute weight bearing from the affected area to reduce pain and assist movement.