Trulife Marlin Cervical Orthosis

Item #: JS-3050L
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    Trulife Marlin Cervical Orthosis


    • Molded polyethylene anterior and occipital frame
    • Limits flexion, extension, and rotation
    • Single 1&1/2” loop closure for ease of application
    • Height-adjustable Kydex™ yoke
    • Trachea opening
    • Moldable posterior aluminum stay
    • Washable foam liners

    Model No. Size Height Adjustment Neck Circumference

    JS-3050-XS XS 2.25-3.50”l5.75-9.00cm 9.00-11.0”l23.00-28.00cm
    JS-3050-S S 2.75-4.00”l7.00-10.25cm 11.0-15.0”l28.00-38.25cm
    JS-3050-M M 3.00-4.50”l7.75-11.50cm 12.0-16.0”l30.50-40.75cm
    JS-3050-L L 3.25-5.00”l8.25-12.75cm 13.0-18.0”l33.25-46.00cm
    JS-3050-XL XL 3.50-5.25”l9.00-13.25cm 16.0-20.0”l40.75-51.00cm