Axiom Ankle Brace

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    Axiom Ankle Brace

    Anatomically positioned hinges make this one of the most comfortable ankle braces to wear. Quick release buckles help in don and doffing, generous padding along the medial and lateral uprights support the ankle and eliminate pressure points. The foot plate is heat mold-able for an exact fit.

    Features include:

    • Uses a plastic alloy that prevents inversion and eversion, yet flexes with natural movement.
    • Separate upper shells allow the material to naturally form to any ankle.
    • On and off is easy with innovative Bledsoe over-center buckles.
    • Eliminates irritating pressure on the Achilles tendon, using a simple cut-out.
    • Center pivot point on the malleolus eliminates pressure and supports natural anatomical movement.
    • The unique footplate material is heat formable at lower temperatures.

    This device is designed to increase support in the inversion and eversion control of unstable ankles, and indicated for increased inversion and eversion control for grade 1 and 2 acutely sprained ankles where dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion is permissible and inflammation is under control.

    Brace Size Men's Women's Euro Left Right
    S up to 7 1/2"

    up to 9"

    up to 40 AS020103 AS020203
    M 8" - 11 1/2" 9 1/2" - 13" 40.5 - 44.5 AS020105 AS020205
    L 12"+ 13 1/2"+ 45+ AS020107 AS020207