Breg 20.50 Patellofemoral Knee Brace

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    20.50 Patellofemoral Knee Brace

    The 20.50 patella knee brace helps to prevent kneecap dislocations and subluxations during movement in patients suffering from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). It is designed to maintain proper kneecap position in 20- to 50-degree flexion, where it is at the highest risk of dislocation and abnormal tracking. The brace tightens immediately in flexion, achieves the strongest force between 30 and 40 degrees, and relaxes tension past 90 degrees through extension.

    The construction of the 20.50 patella brace includes:

    • A rigid magnesium frame with hinges that provide a correct high Q-Angle lateral pull, effectively counters the force of the quadriceps, resists rotation, and also provides a support to medial and lateral collateral ligaments;
    • Circumferential straps that control the comfort and tightness of the application and keep the patella in the groove;
    • Adjustable crescent finger pad that grips the patella and controls Medial Tilt, Patellar Baja and other forces;
    • Innovative pneumatic Patellar pad that allows patients to adjust the grip to the desired level of support and snugness.

    Applying 20.50 on the knee is straightforward if you follow the instructions while taking it off is a snap with quick-release buckles. Lightweight magnesium alloy that is 30 percent lighter than aluminum along with the compact, 12" length add more comfort and wearablility to the brace, allowing it to be used during normal daily activities.

    Patellofemoral Brace Indications for Use:

    Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) and other conditions involving patella dislocation including:

    • Patella Alta
    • Patella Baja
    • Patellofemoral Malalignment Syndrome
    • Patella Subluxation and/or Dislocation
    • Patellar Tendonitis
    • Osgood-Schlatter's Disease
    • Postoperative Effusion
    • Quadriceps laxity
    • Jumper's Knee Syndrome

    20.50 Knee Brace Measurements:

    Thigh Circumference Calf Circumference Size Left Right
    13.5" - 16"
    (34.3 - 40.6 cm)

    11" - 12.5"
    (27.9 - 31.7cm)

    XS PF010101 PF010201
    16" - 18.75"
    (40.6 - 47.6 cm)
    12.5"- 14"
    (31.7 - 35.6cm)
    S PF010103 PF010203
    18.75" - 21.5"
    (47.6 - 54.6 cm)
    14"- 15.5"
    (35.6 - 39.4cm)
    M PF010105 PF010205
    21.5" - 24.25"
    (54.6 - 61.6 cm)
    15.5" - 17"
    (34.3 - 40.6 cm)
    L PF010107 PF010207
    24.25" - 27"
    (61.6 - 68.6 cm)
    17" - 18.5"
    (43.2 - 47 cm)
    XL PF010109 PF010209
    27" - 29.5"
    (68.6 - 74.9 cm)
    18.5" - 20"
    (47 - 50.8 cm)
    XXL PF010111 PF010211

    Measure 6” above and 6” below the knee cap.
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    Perfect MPFL protection

    Bought this for my son after a dislocated knee cap and partially torn MPFL. No surgery for him just yet as he’s in the midst of growing, but this brace allows him to move safely through activity without being scared about re-injuring the knee. Brace fits well; holds the kneecap in place and is comfortable and less bulky than others. Pricy but worth it to see an active teen boy back out enjoying his summer.
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    Thankful for my new brace

    I chose this brace after years of wearing a full sleeve neoprene J brace for various knee problems. By far this brace exceeded my expectations. Firstly, it can be cleaned way more thoroughly than I expected, it's far more adjustable than anything I'd previously used, and it doesn't allow my knee to hyperextended! (An added bonus for me! I have about 6" of hyperextension on my affected knee) I come home from work far less sore now than I previously was.
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    should help

    i didn't order it yet, but it should help
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    Comfort and Support

    I love this brace! It is comfortable and keeps my patella stable. My measurements were right in the middle of the large and medium, getabrace recommended that I go with the smaller size. It fits but just barely on the thigh.
    My orthopedist recomended a patellar stabilizing brace and I really did not want to go with the all neoprene style. I fish a lot and am going to be using this on a trip. I think it will help me with staying cooler.

    Getting this brace was super easy and shipping was quick.
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    5 stars
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    Out of 5