Breg Bunion Walking Boot

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    The Bunion Boot simplifies post-op rehab for patients. In the past, a special shoe, boot, or cast was worn to accommodate the surgery and to help provide stability to the foot during the six to-eight-week recovery period. Today, with the Bledsoe Bunion Boot, the patient can be safely and comfortably weight bearing right after surgery. Most patients are thrilled to avoid the use of crutches.

    The boot's cushioned insole and forefoot compression protect the surgical site while enabling patients to walk immediately without any pressure on the forefoot.

    This innovative boot gently keeps the great toe in position and reduces unnecessary movement. The pneumatic forefoot pad minimizes swelling by maintaining compression on the forefoot. And, the Bledsoe Bunion Boot promotes a natural gait without putting pressure on the toe.

    Features include:

    • Gently keeps toe in position
    • Low profile rocker bottom helps eliminate pelvic tilt and alleviate low back pain
    • Fast, easy fitting saves time over complicated casting procedures
    • Pneumatic forefoot pad keeps pressure off toe
    • Prevents unnecessary movement
    • Better Control
    • Reduces Pain
    • Greater comfort and convenience
    • One boot fits right or left
    • Reduces swelling as it promotes healing
    • Provides the Bledsoe natural gait

    This device is indicated for post-operative Hallux Abducto Valgus (HAV) surgery when a strict joint position must be maintained.

    Shoe Size Bunion Boot
    Men Women Euro Size Part Number
    2.5-5.5 3.5-6 33-37 S AL?58003
    5.5-9 6-9.5 37-41 M AL?58005
    9-12.5 9.5-13 41-46 L AL?58007