Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace

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    Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace

    The Breg compact X2K elbow brace is designed for patients suffering from medial/lateral ligamentous instabilities; elbow hyperextension; elbow osteoarthritis; elbow injuries; and other similar conditions to stabilize the elbow, relieve symptoms of pain and restore freedom of movement. The construction of the Breg X2K elbow brace features a rigid yet lightweight aluminum frame consisting of two parts connected with a polycentric hinge. The brace is applied to the elbow with fastening straps folded around the arm while the surface of the arm is separated from the aluminum frame with condyle pads. The straps can be easily adjusted to desired levels of comfort and a snug fit during application or when wearing. Breg X2K compact elbow brace features flexion and extension stops to lock the elbow or limit its range of motion.

    Breg X2K Compact Elbow Brace Indications for Use:

    • Chronic elbow injuries
    • Elbow hyperextension
    • Post-elbow dislocations
    • Football and high-contact sports injuries
    • Other medial/lateral ligamentous instabilities

    Breg X2K Elbow Brace Features:

    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • Maximum level of elbow support
    • Custom fit design
    • Patented polycentric hinges
    • Flexion and extension stops to control range of motion
    • Adjustable straps for precise brace fit
    • Powder-coated finish

    X2K Brace Part Numbers

    Part #Description


    Compact X2K, Powdercoat OTS, Left, XS-XXL


    Compact X2K, Powdercoat OTS, Right, XS-XXL
    1008X Brace Cover, Compact X2K, S-XXL
    70058 Protective Cup

    X2K Elbow Brace Sizing Chart

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