Breg Conformer diabetic boot

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    Conformer Diabetic Walking Boot

    Diabetic Neuropathy is a common problem with the diabetic patient. This loss of sensation in the lower leg and foot can cause the patient to develop calluses, ulcers, or even worse open wounds. Poorly fitted footwear with seams or inadequate insoles promote pressure points. Five times body weight is placed on your feet with each step. Healthy feet aresusceptibleto aches pain and strains. The diabetic foot is 35 time more apt to get wounds than normal feet. Maintain your lower-body health by wearing a Bledsoe conformer boot. The technology inside the insole of the boot is remarkable. The dual layer pressure sensitive material isequivalentto custom made total contact insoles. Five hook-and-loop straps and a specially designedcocoonliner protect the wholecircumferenceof the patients lower leg and foot. For diabetics in particular, this design improves your stance while protecting your feet from any pressure or friction injuries.

    The mold within this diabetic boot solves many of these pressure problems. From the moment you sink your foot into the boot, you notice the mold's sensation. It conforms to your foot so that any aberrations from the norm are compensated for. Both the innersole and midsole are designed with the diabetic patient's needs in mind. After the first walk, the inner sole molds your foot shape and continues to support it during subsequent uses.

    Conformer Diabetic Walking Boot Features:

    • Preferable for either ulcerative or pre-ulcerative ailments
    • Diabetic sock integrated into the design
    • Boot shell made of aluminum
    • Easily removed for daily care
    • Distributes your weight better than a standard cast
    • Auto-mold technology
    • Appropriate for diabetics, ankle instability and plantar fasciitis
    • Holds foot in place for friction-free walking
    • Adjustable to any ankle and calf shape
    • Fitted to your shoe size
    • Washable molds to maintain your boot for many years of use
    • Breathable liner doesn't create discomfort at the sole's surface

    This device is indicated to replace total contact casting for the treatment of ulcerative or pre-ulcerative conditions of the bottom of the foot. It is also indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions that would benefit from a more even distribution of body weight on the sole of the foot.

    Conformer Contraindications

    This device is contraindicated where severe foot deformities cause the shape of the foot not to fit within the confines of a boot shell that is up to one size larger than the proper size shown on the Ordering Information chart:

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    5 stars
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    Great Boot

    This boot has helped so much with the healing of my Diabetic Ulcer. I bought this boot when everything else failed. The staff at the wound care center said it has made a tremendous difference in my healing. My only suggestion is to make the Boot in a larger size.
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    Game changer

    I am not diabetic but I developed a pressure ulcer on my surgical site on the back of my heel. I was not allowed to walk for 9 weeks, and when I was cleared I tried a regular walking boot and could not walk due to so much pain. I purchased this boot, and omg I could walk. It was amazing the difference. I would still be on my scooter had I not taken a chance on this boot
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    Out of 5