Breg Fusion Medial OA Plus Knee Brace

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    Breg Fusion OA Plus (Medial) Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

    The Breg Fusion OA arthritis knee brace is designed to help patients suffering from unicompartmental osteoarthritis relieve the symptoms of pain, restore physical activity and slow down joint deterioration by unloading the medial knee compartment. The construction of the Breg Fusion OA knee brace features an anterior rigid frame with AirTech® pads, six fastening straps and adjustable hinges.

    The brace utilizes Breg's ProForm technology that effectively keeps it in place throughout the day, while the AirTech pads keep moisture and body heat away from the skin, allowing more comfort and preventing excessive swelling. The level of knee unloading can be easily adjusted by simply turning a circular thumbwheel dial on a hinge and doesn't require tools.

    Breg Fusion OA Arthritis Knee Brace Features:

    • Designed to reduce pain and provide optimal suspension.
    • Innovative AirTech® frame pads provide more comfortable wear by allowing more air circulation and moving moisture and heat away from the skin.
    • ProForm technology provides a contoured, snug fit and maximum protection.
    • The level of offloading is easy to adjust with a turn of the thumbwheel dial.

    Breg Fusion OA Knee Brace Indications for Use:

    • Unicompartmental (medial) osteoarthritis
    • Recovery and rehabilitation after meniscal or chondral defect surgical procedures

    Breg Fusion OA Knee Brace Size Chart:

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