Breg HEX Elbow Brace

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    Breg HEX Elbow Brace

    People who are highly active and have a problem with hyperextension in their elbows may benefit from using a Breg HEX adjustable hinged elbow brace to help control their elbow's range of motion. The Breg HEX elbow brace protects from hyperextension by using an adjustable hinge you can set in 10-degree increments, and the half-wrap bicep sleeve makes this brace easy to take off and put on. This hyperextension elbow brace features a mix of breathable fabric with mesh and neoprene, and it is suitable for high-level activities. Additionally, it features durable straps that prevent the brace from moving or sliding while you go about your activities.

    In addition to helping control your elbow's range of motion, this elbow hyperextension brace has additional foam padding over the elbow area for extra protection and padded hinges. It also comes in a variety of sizes, has adjustable range of motion hinges, features a slip-on half-wrap design, and it has a lightweight and breathable mix of neoprene and mesh fabric for additional comfort.

    Breg HEX Elbow Hyperextension Brace Features:

    • Slip-on half-wrap bicep sleeve
    • X anterior straps with strap-lock buckle
    • Adjustable hinges to control desired ROM (0° - 40° extension / 45° - 90° flexion)
    • Half Airmesh® for breathability and half neoprene for compression
    • Additional elbow foam padding to protect olecranon process

    Breg HEX Elbow Brace Indications and Examples of Use:

    • Chronic elbow injuries
    • Elbow hyperextension
    • Elbow tendonitis
    • Post-elbow dislocations

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