Breg Kool Sling

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    Breg Kool Sling

    Shoulder injuries cause a lot of pain and interfere with everyday activities. If you suffer from this type of problem, you need support for your limb and joints. The Breg Kool Sling helps to maintain proper position for quicker heal times and more comfort. The extra neck padding and thumb rest on the shoulder immobilizer sling keep everything in place. These help support the arm and keep the shoulder in the best position to heal naturally. The Airmesh fabric of this sling immobilizer promotes airflow and moisture wicking for a cooler experience no matter what the weather.

    The Breg shoulder immobilizer comes in a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large, which makes it suitable for both women and men of different heights and weights. It presents a sleek, unobtrusive appearance so you can get the support your injured limb needs without drawing undue attention. The quick-release buckles for both the waist and shoulder straps make this arm sling shoulder immobilizer easy to get on and off even if you do not have help. No one enjoys having an arm or shoulder injury, but with the right sling, you can experience less pain and frustration while it heals.

    Breg Kool Sling Features:

    • Comprised of Airmesh, a moisture-wicking fabric, for enhanced breathability and comfort
    • Universal left or right
    • Quick-release shoulder and waist straps for ease of application and removal

    Common Examples of Use:

    • Shoulder injuries or instabilities
    • Arthroscopic repair
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    0851X Kool Sling, S-XL

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    ambiguous advertising

    The sling is fine but the advertising is unclear as to whether it includes a waist strap, which is necessary if the shoulder is to be held in abduction. It suggests it does, but it does not. I needed a sling without a foam cushion but with a separate waist strap and this turned out to be a waste (pun intended)of money
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    Out of 5