Breg M Brace

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    M-Brace Ankle Support

    With or without the gel pack the M-Brace supports the injured ankle with ease. Two closure straps and an adjustable heel guarantee a good tight fit around the ankle. Gel packs aid in eliminating edema. The narrow low profile design helps the brace fit into most shoes.

    TheM-Brace Ankle Support reduces ankle swelling while boosting the patient's confidence when its time to get back in the game. The M-Brace is available in two models - the Air M-Brace or the Air-Gel M-Brace, and are conveniently one size and a universal style.

    Features include:

    • Cool and open design provides complete and lightweight comfort.
    • Easy to apply adjusting to fit most patients, and can be adjusted without the aid of tools.
    • The Air-Gel M-Brace is available for reduction of swelling, and can be used for cold therapy.


    For support and to reduce swelling of mild sprains

    Quantity Air M-Brace Air-Gel M-Brace
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    Cold Therapy
    • Remove therapeutic gel bag from ankle support system
    • Place in freezer for 2 hours
    • Place gel bag back in ankle support and follow fitting instructions
    • Absorbent sock should be worn before ankle support is fitted
    • DO NOT place entire ankle support into freezer
    • Patients should always consult their physician or therapist for proper therapy instructions prior to using the therapeutic ankle support system
    • Always wear an absorbent sock before cold therapy is applied
    • The entire ankle support system can be hand washed with mild soap and water. Do not apply artificial heat to dry
    • Only freeze the therapeutic bag. DO NOT place the entire system in freezer