Breg Post-op Rehab Knee Brace

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    Breg Post-Op Rehab Knee Brace

    After you get knee surgery, you need to protect the joint and support it with a rehabilitation knee brace for a time so everything heals properly. This Breg post-op rehab knee brace gives you protection so you can still get around without affecting your rate of healing or re-injuring your knee. For convenience and comfort, the brace should offer sufficient padding, full adjustability, and not be too bulky or large. This post-surgical hinged knee brace fulfills all those requirements.
    This Breg model is an excellent knee brace for post ACL surgery or a knee brace for post meniscus surgery. Other reasons to use it include tendon repairs, fractures around the knee, and even bad sprains. You can use a post-surgical hinged knee brace for injuries that did not require surgery as well. The hinge prevents over-extension but allows for a full, natural range of motion. The calf and thigh straps are fully padded for comfort and adjustable to fit most people. Because this is a rehabilitative knee brace, the shorter 15-inch length improves comfortable wear without compromising support.

    Breg Post-Op Rehab Examples of Use:

    • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries
    • Tibial plateau fractures
    • Patella tendon repairs
    • Meniscal repairs
    • Osteochondral repairs
    • Condylar fractures
    • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)
    • Acute sprains/strains of the knee

    Breg Post-Op Rehab Knee Brace Features:

    • Anodized hinge bars
    • Spring-loaded flexion/extension stops for easy range of motion from 0° - 120°
    • Full foam for comfort and tissue containment
    • Latex-free
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    00123 Post-Op Rehab
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