Breg T Scope Premier Elbow Brace

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    Breg T Scope Premier Hinged Elbow Brace

    Elbow fractures and ligament injuries are frustrating ailments because your arms are normally in constant motion. In the past, your recovery may have consisted of a full cast that significantly limited your movements. Move into the 21st century with the T Scope elbow brace. From the moment that you secure the four straps above and below the joint, you'll know that this Breg elbow brace was designed with the active person in mind. The metal construction is lightweight, which allows you to move all day without much fatigue. Adding the Breg T Scope elbow brace to your arm is simple with the telescoping bars that adjust to your physical structure. Adjust the bars and drop lock so that the hinged elbow brace naturally moves with you. Driving, writing and other actions are possible during recovery when you properly fit this telescoping elbow brace to your right or left arm. Choose from right or left configurations as well as regular or long brace lengths. Enjoy the trimmable pads and straps that give you the ultimate adjustment ability not offered by other products. Support both acute and chronic elbow injuries with the Breg design by your side.

    Breg T Scope Elbow Premier Brace Features:

    • DME Classification: L3760 elbow brace
    • Range-of-motion control
    • Hinge locks reduce slippage on arm
    • Supportive shoulder strap
    • Four straps surrounding elbow joint
    • Protects ligamentous injuries along with stable fractures of the elbow or upper arm
    • Quick-lock design
    • Low profile makes everyday movements a snap
    • Malleable aluminum bars for adjustments during swelling or painful episodes
    • 13-ounce weight feels comfortable at any recovery stage
    • Hand accessory to control supination and pronation at the elbow joint
    • Shoulder strap included as detachable option
    • Push-button ease of drop lock during installation

    Breg T Scope Elbow Brace Part Numbers:

    Part #Description
    7254 T Scope Elbow Premier, Left Reg.
    7255 T Scope Elbow Premier, Right Reg.
    7256 T Scope Elbow Premier, Left Long
    7257 T Scope Elbow Premier, Right Long
    70125 Hand Accessory Universal
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