Breg Z12 OA

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    Breg Z12 OA Knee Brace

    The Breg Z12 OA Knee Brace combines support with maximum flexibility. This is the perfect knee brace for patients who don't want to sacrifice an active lifestyle. The Breg OA Knee Brace features an adjustable hinge and is lightweight thanks to its magnesium alloy construction. The adjustable condyle on the brace makes this a great choice for ACL patients and athletes such as basketball players and runners. There are 12° of additional correction that can be accessed, and there is also a loading lever with seven different settings.
    The Breg Z 12 Adjustable OA with its magnesium frame is well-suited for use in non-contact sports. The buckles can be fixed without the need to remove the larger Velcro strap. The Z12 OA adjustable knee brace can be put on and taken off with a minimum of effort. Those who like to hike or participate in activities that require a lot of walking, such as golf, will appreciate the fact that this brace does not slip or require frequent readjustment. Its length of 13 inches provides additional stability.

    Frame Length:

    Standard 13" for patients under 5'5"
    Extended 15" for patients 5'6" and above