DeRoyal Cold Therapy T800

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    DeRoyal T800 CoolJet Cold Therapy Unit

    Athletes and individuals involved in active recreational pursuits will appreciate the DeRoyal cold therapy unit's convenience and ease of use. The cold therapy machine provides the right temperature to help with swelling, injury or trauma of any kind. It works much better than trying to balance a bag of ice on your knee or shoulder. The cold compression therapy machine offers easy-wear therapeutic blanket wraps suitable for the knee, hip, back and shoulder.

    The DeRoyal brand cold therapy machine for the shoulder and other joints is suitable for home use, gym and sports complex locker rooms, schools and health care facilities. The portable nature and easy-to-handle size make it an excellent option for bringing along to sports events or competitions. The sensors, temperature control and indicator lights let you optimize this ice therapy machine for the knee, shoulder or hip for the best possible outcome and maximum comfort.

    DeRoyal T800 CoolJet Cold Therapy Unit Features

    • Patented Automatic Temperature Control (ATC™) measures and regulates temperature to provide therapeutic cold therapy without manual adjustment.
    • Intuitive LED light lets user know when the unit is in therapeutic zone and advises when to add ice.
    • Portable system is suitable for any medical setting or treatment at home.
    • Therapy Blankets optimize temperature distribution, insulation and comfort.
    • Blanket Wraps increase insulation and ensure precise placement of blankets.
    • Screw-top opening is intuitive.

    DeRoyal T800 CoolJet Indications: Use to reduce pain or soft tissue swelling after trauma or surgery.