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    DonJoy Clima-Flex Osteoarthritis (OA) Knee Brace

    Dealing with arthritis or knee injuries shouldn't hold you back when you wear the DonJoy Clima-Flex brace. Its simple appearance hides a complex design underneath. Slip on this temperature-controlled brace and head outdoors. The antimicrobial fabric moves along with you.

    Within this flexible knee brace, you'll find an adjustable hinge. Don't worry about pulling the brace off for any minor adjustments. The manufacturer understands that you're on the go, so the hinge can be altered with the flick of your fingers.

    Comfort is always a concern when you wear a flex knee brace most of the day. The brace wraps around your knee in a comfortable hug. Adjust this setting until you strike a balance between support and comfort. The cuffs feature semi-rigid designs, which means you'll have OA support without painful compression above or below the knee.

    When you shop for an osteoarthritis knee brace, you want an easy-to-use product. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation applauded the DonJoy design and approved of it for almost any level of OA.

    Along with simple adjustments, you also benefit from the moisture-wicking feature. Regardless of the weather, the Clima-Flex draws moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate away. With this supportive brace, you'll barely realize you're wearing one at all.

    DonJoy Clima-Flex Osteoarthritis (OA) Knee Brace Features:

    • Sizes in XS to XXXL
    • Moisture-wicking fabric
    • Antimicrobial properties
    • Dual-action dial for hinge adjustments during use
    • E-Z grip handles that simplify the on/off process
    • Separate left/right designs for ultimate support
    • C-6 technology controls temperature at the skin level
    • Soft fabric feels comfortable for every patient
    • Concealed cuffs for aesthetics and optimal support
    • Wide knee opening for normal joint movement
    • Commended by the Arthritis Foundation
    • Strong stitching holds up under constant pressure
    • Perfect for mild to moderate activity
    • Brace extends several inches up the thigh and down the calf

    DonJoy Clima-Flex Part Numbers

    • 11-8810-X Clima-Flex OA, Right Medial/Left Lateral
    • 11-8811-X Clima-Flex OA, Left medial/Right Lateral

    DonJoy Clima-Flex Ordering Information:

    Sizes: XS-XXXL (1-7) (Measurements taken 6" above mid-patella)

    X = 1 = XS 13" - 15½" (33-39 CM)
    X = 2 = S 15½" - 18½" (39-47 CM)
    X = 3 = M 18½" - 21" (47-53 CM)
    X = 4 = L 21" - 23½" (53-60 CM)
    X = 5 = XL 23½" - 26½" (60-67 CM)
    X = 6 = XXL 26½" - 29½" (67-75 CM)
    X = 7 = XXXL 29½" - 32" (75-81 CM)

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    Brace at a good price

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