FootScientific Elevate 360°

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    FootScientific Elevate 360° with Deluxe Accessory Kit

    Now Featuring:

    - Stronger more long-lasting Velcro
    - Extended Brace Life
    - Smoother, more enduring, and more technologically advanced Boa Dial

    The Deluxe Accessory Kit includes one Black Anchor Kit, one Silver Anchor Kit, Lace Replacement, Comfort Pads, and Instructions.

    The New Elevate 360° is also updated to include the Deluxe Accessory Kit!

    • The Elevate 360°®is unique in its versatility, comfort, and ease of use.
    • It can be worn with the majority of shoe styles on the market – both male and female, including sandals.
    • The innovative and powerful BOA® Fit System allows for customization of the lift angle and for quick release of tension as desired by the user throughout his/her day.

    The Elevate 360°®was designed for those with Drop Foot to answer the need for function, comfort, and versatility.

    Elevate® Function

    The Elevate® brace showcases ease of use and predictable function. The brace wraps quickly around the ankle, attaching with Velcro. A buckle adds reinforcement and fit. The strong, durable lace easily slips onto the included Anchor Hook Kit, and lift angle is achieved and quickly released as desired with a simple to use dial created by BOA® Fit System.

    Elevate® Comfort

    The Elevate® brace was designed to replace uncomfortable, stiff, or bulky braces that go inside the shoe, and the growing number of cheap and unpredictable braces for outside of the shoe. Careful material selection created an amazingly lightweight (just 8 oz), yet sturdy and long-lasting brace. Comfort is also enhanced by a customizable lift and quick release of the lift-angle as desired.

    Elevate® Style and Versatility

    The Elevate® can be customized to the need and liking of the patient. The design allows diversity in shoe styles, including sandals. Shoes without eyelets can be accommodated with ease using the Crop-a-Dile® Eyelet Punch (sold separately).

    Dial in to effortless precision.

    Bringing you closer to your equipment, the Boa® Fit System delivers improved agility, response, and control.

    The Boa® Fit System allows you to get your gear on and off fast and easily, no matter the conditions.

    Make instant micro-adjustments for a precise and custom fit, the Boa® Fit System improves performance and comfort
    — anytime, anywhere.

    Engineered with high quality, durable materials and rigorously field tested, the Boa Fit System is guaranteed to perform in any environment.

    Engineered with ultra-durable materials, the Boa® Fit System is extensively tested in the harshest conditions.

    If you are not happy with the Elevate Drop Foot brace, your backed by our60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Only available in Black

    Deluxe Accessory Kit Contents:

    Elevate 360° Brace
    Black Anchor Hook Kit
    Silver Anchor Hook Kit
    Lace Replacement
    Set of (3) Comfort Pads
    Instruction Manual