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    Sleeq Flex L0456 TLSO Back Brace

    The Sleeq Flex Back Brace is a Quinn Medical prefabricated L0456 thoracolumbosacral orthosis designed to provide trunk support and restrict movement for patients suffering from a variety of conditions, such as sprains and strains, compression fractures, spinal disc and vertebra degeneration, post-surgery recovery, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy and weakness, and other diseases and symptoms located in the lower and lower-middle areas of the spine. The construction of this TLSO back brace features adjustable wings with waist circumference marks, rigid posterior panel with telescoping thoracic extension (ThoraCare Support) and padded shoulder control straps.

    Sleeq Flex TLSO Back Brace Features and Specifications:

    • HCPCS code: L0456
    • Padded shoulder straps
    • Made with breathable materials
    • Slim and light weight design
    • Precisely adjustable to waist circumference from 26" to 54"
    • Posterior panel height: 18.5"

    Sleeq Flex TLSO Back Brace Indications for Use:

    • Osteoporosis and compression fractures
    • Kyphosis and posture correction
    • Osteoarthritis and facet joint syndrome
    • Degeneration of the intervertebral disc (DDD)
    • Laminectomy discectomy and spinal fusion postoperative stabilization
    • Acute and chronic back pain
    • Low-mid back sprains and strains
    • Lumbar and trunk muscle dystrophy and weakness
    • Prophylactic back support
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Spondylolysis