Townsend UniReliever

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    The UniReliever is a single upright rigid aircraft aluminum brace that is a very light weight, low profile solution for maintaining normal leg alignment and reducing load on the affected compartment. Because the hinge is positioned adjacent to the selected compartment the UniReliever is recommended for patients with lateral OA (valgus, knock knee).

    Adjustable Force Buttress
    The UniReliever features an Adjustable Force Buttress
    that provides a comfortable counter-force just proximal
    to the knee joint. The AF Buttress is constructed of a
    malleable, yet durable, stainless steel material. The
    material allows the Buttress to angle and compress
    into the side of the leg when the anterior and posterior
    straps are tightened. Correction can be adjusted by
    tightening or loosening the anterior and/or posterior strap.

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    Townsend Rebel Knee Brace