Trulife Matrix Max with Free anterior Pad kit

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    Trulife Matrix Max AFO

    The Trulife Matrix Max carbon fiber AFO is a durable ankle/foot orthosis that provides more control and better energy storage properties. It is designed to be used by heavier or taller patients, or patients involved in higher levels of activity suffering from unilateral or bilateral drop foot. The footplate and strut of the Matrix Max AFO are made with carbon fiberglass that doesn't permanently deform under continuous load. It also provides a more durable heel section and better shock absorption at strike, along with a more flexible front of the plate that flexes towards the forefoot of the patient. The anterior shell is made with plastic that can be heat molded or bent without heating by a clinician. The screws affixing the strut to the anterior shell allow adjustment of the Matrix Max AFO brace to the height of the patient. A removable, easy-to-clean foam liner inside of the anterior shell provides comfortable contact with the patient’s skin. The Trulife Matrix Max comes with an additional liner for easy replacement and a flat insole that attaches to the footplate with double-sided tape. The foot plate is designed for a flush fit with a shoe and can be used with a prefabricated or custom-made insole. Two Velcro straps provide a snug fit and make it easy for a patient to put on the brace without assistance.

    Trulife Matrix Max AFO Indications for Use:

    • Low- to high-activity patients with unilateral or bilateral drop foot
    • Patients with partial foot amputations who can't take weight on that part of their foot

    Trulife Matrix Max AFO Features:

    • Lightweight, carbon fiberglass composite frame with enhanced stability
    • Lateral strut that is anterior to malleolus
    • Open calcaneal design
    • Custom-fit anterior shell and foot plate

    Trulife Matrix Max AFO Size Chart:

    Shoe Size Small Medium Large Xlarge
    Male 3-5 5.5 -7.5 8 - 10.5 11 - 14
    Female 4 - 6.5 7 - 9 9.5 - 12
    Foot size




    Left Model No. Right Model No. Description Size Foot Length

    FH250L-02 FH250R-02 Small <25 cm
    FH250L-03 FH250R-03 Medium 24-27 cm
    FH250L-04 FH250R-04 Large 25-29 cm
    FH250L-05 FH250R-05 Extra Large 26-31 cm

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    Great site!

    So happy I was able to get a new AFO.
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    Thank you for having these products. Many stroke survivors and spinal cord injury survivors need access to these braces and insurance will often only pay for one brace every 5 years and even that process can take months.
    The ability to walk on two feet in part defines our humanity and when something as simple as a dynamic ankle brace can make that possible... it is inspiring. Thank you.
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