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Ankle, Foot and Arch Supports and Braces

We offer a broad variety of lower leg braces and supports including lower limb orthoses and AFO ankle braces as well as ankle, foot and arch braces and supports. We have made this selection from the manufacturers whose developments and innovations have a deserved strong recognition among medical professionals and patients suffering from various orthopedic conditions.

Foot braces from our catalog include orthoses and supports that can be used to restrict or assist movements, help to rehabilitate faster, treat a wide scope of lower limb disorders, and relieve associated painful symptoms. We also carry arch supports and shoe inserts that help to adjust foot positioning, create shock absorption and relieve pain symptoms in the heel, toe and plantar fascia.

Many of the lower limb orthoses in our store and specifically AFO ankle braces are designed to combine functionality and esthetic appearance for additional comfort in everyday use.